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We've never said we're good at everything. However, there are a few things we think we're pretty dang good at. Here they are...
With epoxy floors, you can give your home the best of both worlds; beauty and practicality. Epoxy solutions are hard wearing, easy to clean and any spills or scratches are easily repaired.
Epoxy surfaces can take even the most highly traveled areas of your business and renew them with both strength and beauty. Epoxy floors can stay looking gorgeous with minimal maintenance.
This type of protection pays for itself over time as it keeps your floors looking pristine long after you've applied the epoxy. Your floors will look their best for years to come.


We're firm believers in that old saying, how does it go? Oh yeah, there's no such thing as a stupid question. Ask away, friends, ask away...
What are the benefits of epoxy floors?
Epoxy floors offer a variety of benefits such as easy maintenance, resistance to stains and chemical contaminants, and an attractive glossy finish. Whether it's a showroom or garage space, epoxy can be applied to nearly any concrete surface to create a beautiful and long-lasting look that is sure to last for many years. 
What are common problems with epoxy floors?
Common epoxy floor symptoms include chalking, cracking, peeling and bubbling. Chalking is caused when epoxy particles become airborne as the coating slowly deteriorates over time and can cause staining on surfaces beneath the epoxy floor. 
How do I care for epoxy floors?
Simple processes such as mopping up spills immediately, sweeping and vacuuming regularly, and occasionally waxing epoxy with a specially designed epoxy sealant can go a long way toward insuring your epoxy floors look great now - and will continue to do so for many years in the future.
How much does epoxy flooring cost?
The cost of epoxy floors varies depending on the size and complexity of the project, but typically runs between $3-$10 per square foot for materials and labor. 

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epoxy floors
little elm, TX
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